The Advantages of Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Buying a Portable oxygen concentrator can often be a major investment decision for the user, you need to make sure that you are buying the right machine for your needs, and that you consider future proofing your purchase.
Oxygen is essential for life to exist. Without oxygen, we become weak and die. Thus, in simple terms, we can say that oxygen is life.
Portable oxygen concentrators can help in an emergency, or in everyday life.

What is a portable oxygen concentrator? How does it help people?
Portable oxygen concentrators are operated from battery, mains or DC voltage in your vehicle. The portable oxygen concentrator (POC) filters the nitrogen out of the air we breathe, increasing the level of oxygen from 21% to over 95%, providing the user with 5 times more oxygen than you will normally breathe in air alone They are lightweight and offer the user greater mobility, particularly while travelling.

Using this equipment is easy and safer to use in comparison to oxygen cylinders. One of the greatest advantages of using a portable oxygen concentrator is that you have the freedom of moving and performing your daily activities normaly, rather than being confined to a single place.

Another important advantage of using portable oxygen concentrators is that they are virtually maintenance free. If you are interested in purchasing a portable oxygen concentratorFind Article, contact the Oxygen store.

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