Inogen One G3 – Portable Oxygen Concentrator


The Inogen One G3 is currently one of the smallest, lightest portable concentrators that produces medical oxygen and offers an extremely long lasting battery. The oxygen machine was designed to provide users with the highest level of independence. It has, all the same, features as its predecessor, the Inogen One G2 but it is smaller in size, lighter in weight and produces more oxygen per pound. It is a portable concentrator that you can hold in one hand and does not require a rolling cart. Forget about your oxygen tanks, this unit never needs to be refilled so you will never have to worry about oxygen running out!


The Inogen G3 weighs less than 5 pounds with the 8 cell battery and 5.7 with a 16 cell battery. The G3 unit comes with a carry bag that can be worn over your shoulder for easy transportation. The batteries were made and tested to be long lasting. The 8 cell battery can last up to 4 hours at a setting of 2 and the 16 cell battery can last up to 7 to 8 hours on a setting of 2 as well. The rechargeable batteries also have a quicker than normal recharge time at around 4 hours with the 8 cell battery and on the average of 6 hours for the 16 cell battery. The dimension of this unit are only 7.25 inches tall, 3 inches wide and 8.75 inches long; making it one of the smallest sized concentrator ever produced.


It is a pulse dose portable concentrator that operates on setting from 1 to 5 with oxygen concentration levels at around 90%. The machine is barely noticeable at only 39 decibels. It is so quiet that you can use it in a library or church without hearing it. It also features an easy to read LCD screen that displays flow settings and battery life.


It is FAA Approved for usage during flights and can be used on most cruise ships and buses. This makes it as a truly ideal solution for travel far and near!


The Inogen One G3 Starter Package includes the Inogen G3 Unit, 8 cell battery, AC power supply, DC power cable, carry bag, cannula and manual. Please ask about our different Inogen G3 Packages if you require more batteries or accessories.


Product Specifications

Product Features Weighs less than 5 pounds with 8 Cell battery in a pulse dose system that operates from 1 to 5

8 cell battery lives up to 4 hours and the 16 cell can go up to 8 hours, depending on your flow setting

Extremely quiet with a noise level at 39 decibels

Besides normal filters charging and cleaning, there is no other maintenance

Bolus delivery cycle and more oxygen is delivered as your breath rate drops

Dimensions 8.75 inches Wide x 3 inches Deep x 8.25 inches High

Product Weight 4.9 pounds with standard 8 cell battery

Warranty Three-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty on Unit, 90 Day Warranty on Accessories

Battery Charging Time 8 Cell Battery: About 2-4 hours with the use of AC or DC power

16 Cell Battery: About 5-8 hours with the use of AC or DC power

Battery Duration Setting of 1

Power Consumption: 19 W

8 Cell Battery: 4.5 hours average

16 Cell Battery: 9.5 hours average


Setting of 2

Power Consumption: 20 W

8 Cell Battery: 4 hours average

16 Cell Battery: 8.5 hours average


Setting of 3

Power Consumption: 25 W

8 Cell Battery: 3 hours average

16 Cell Battery: 6 hours average


Setting of 4

Power Consumption: 40 W

8 Cell Battery: 2 hours average

16 Cell Battery: 4 hours average


Setting of 5

Power Consumption: 50 W

8 Cell Battery: 1.7 hours average

16 Cell Battery: 3.3 hours average

FAA Approved Yes

Flow Settings Pulse Dose: Settings from 1 – 5

Manufacturer Inogen

Maximum Oxygen Output 1050 ml/min

Noise Level Less than 39 Decibels (less than a quiet conversation)

Operating Ranges, Intended for Use Temperature: 41 F to 104 F

Humidity: 0% to 95%, non-condensing

Altitude: Up to 10,000 feet

Oxygen Concentration Around 90% on all settings

Storage Ranges, Intended for Storage Temperature: -4 F to 140 F (-20 C to 60 C)

Humidity: 0% to 95%, non-condensing

Store in a Dry, Clean, Protected Setting.

Power AC Power Supply 100-240V, 50-60Hz

DC Power: Intended for car/boat/airplane usage


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