The SeQual eQuinox is a light-weight portable oxygen concentrator with the ability to deliver both a continuous flow of oxygen and pulse flow. The SeQual eQuinox can deliver up to 3 LPM of continuous flow oxygen and up to 192ml of pulse flow. These settings will be prescribed by the patient’s doctor.


Pulse does settings deliver a puff of oxygen with each inhale. This setting will help to optimize the portable oxygen concentrator’s battery life because it is only delivering oxygen on the inhale rather than the for the full breath.

AutoSAT technology auto-adjusts prescribed oxygen levels to account for changes in the patient’s natural breathing patterns. For example, AutoSat will adjust oxygen settings if the patient is stationary versus excising


Features and Benefits

Pulse does and Continuous

Both AC power supply and 12V DC automotive power, as well as, optional battery power for ease of use while on the road

Easy access to front loading 9V battery

Minutes of battery life remaining are displayed on screen for ease of mind

Meets FAA requirements for use on flight

Voice alert systems confirms flow rate settings, battery life along with other features

Removable cart with a one-handed telescoping handle provides hassle-free navigation

Optional 24 cell battery provides extended battery life.


Continuous: 3 LPM

Pulse: setting 1-9, up to 192 ml

Flow Rates: 0.5 – 3.0 LPM (0.5 liter increments), 1.0-6.0 = 16-96 mL (16 mL increments), 7.0-9.0 =128-192 mL (32 mL increments)

24/7 capabilities

Unit Weight: 14 lbs. (5.5 kg)

12-Cell Battery Weight: 1.85 lb. (0.84 kg)

24-Cell Battery Weight: 3.6 lb. (1.63 kg)

12-Cell Battery Duration: 1.2 hours @ 2 LPM, 2.8 hours @ 2 Pulse (12 BPM)

24-Cell Battery Duration: 2.8 hours @ 2 LPM, 5.9 hours @ 2 Pulse (12 BPM)

Battery Recharge: 2-5 hours

Dimensions: 13.6 in H x 10.6 in W x 7.4 in D

Sound Level: 46 dBA at 3.0 LPM Continuous Flow Mode

Sound Level: 45 dBA at 2.0 LPM Continuous Flow Mode

Sound Level: 40 dBA at 0.5 LPM Continuous Flow Mode

3 Year Manufacturer Standard Warranty: 3 years for concentrator, 1 year battery, power supplies, standard accessories


SeQual Equinox Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Carry cart

Battery – 12 cell or 24 cell

AC power cord

DC power cord

3 year manufacturer warranty

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