6 Signs of lack of Oxygen


All patients who have been prescribed with additional oxygen, which is provided either through oxygen tanks or oxygen concentrators, have to adjust their lives to their new reality. This implies both the effects on lifestyle and monitoring their oxygen intake. At the same time with extended use, the treatment becomes second nature and a habit. There is a risk however that when the patient, or their caretaker, is on “automatic pilot” their concentration lapses and it could be that the oxygen supply is not as it should be. The easier processes become, the easier it is to make mistakes because of potential distractions, and this can cause a reduced amount of oxygen intake.

Unfortunately if you are not getting enough oxygen the chances are that you will not notice it.A reduced oxygen flow can be caused by various things, such as a twist in the tube, a problem with the flow valve or other simple things. For those of us who are close to someone requiring extra oxygen, the first thing to do is to be very observant, without being intrusive. The second is to be aware of certain tell tale signs of oxygen deprivation so we can react in a timely manner.

6 signs of oxygen deprivation that are easily observed are …

  • 1 An easily recognized physical sign is lips or fingernails with a bluish color.
  • 2 When speaking, if you noticed slurred words or sentences that don’t make sense.
  • 3 Lack of oxygen can cause headaches. (In fact there are headache therapy that consist of oxygen).
  • 4 Drowsiness is another warning sign of a potential lack of oxygen.
  • 5 Lack of oxygen can also be reflected by shallow breathing or irregular breath.
  • 6 Feeling anxious.

These are warning signs that can help you avoid complications. They may not necessarily reflect a lack of oxygen, but the good thing is that with a pulse oximeter it is very easy, and quick, to check the oxygen saturation levels.
The more people about you who are aware of these signs – the better. One of the effects of oxygen deprivation is that the person lacking oxygen many times does not realize it and therefore needs someone else to point it out to themArticle Search, or in extreme cases to call the emergency services.

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